About Emma

Emma Fuhrmann
DOB: Sept 15
Age: Twelve Years (12)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Accents: American, British
Athletic Skills: Competitive Swim Team, Tennis, Dance
Musical Instruments: Piano and Guitar
Representation: Innovative Artists - Los Angeles,
Kim Dawson - Texas,
Manager: Stephanie Simon and Katie Rhodes from Untitled Entertainment

Current CA & NY work permit, Coogan account, & Passport


Emma was born on September 15 in Dallas, Texas where she still resides with her parents and her younger brother Nick. Nick is 3 years younger than her and is also an actor.

Emma began a modeling career at the 18 months old. It all started when her mother sent two photos to a local agency. By the next day Emma was signed as a baby model. Although Emma enjoyed modeling, when she learned to read she naturally gravitated towards the acting world. At first she did a few local commercials, and soon she was doing national commercials. Not long after that she was taking part in television shows and feature films.

Her first big break came when Director, David Nutter, hired her for the role of Sissy Peele in the pilot episode of NBC/Bruckheimer's "CHASE". From there she booked the lead role in Rob Reiner's film, "Magic of Belle Isle" with Morgan Freeman scheduled to release in spring 2012. She was in episode 8 of NBC's Prime Suspect as Amanda Patterson, the only witness to her parent's murder.

When not busy with acting, Emma keeps her feet on the ground by staying in Texas with her family, friends, and her dog Kirby. She also attends school, and enjoys playing the piano, guitar. Two of her favorite hobbies include being a part of a competitive swim team in the summer and skiing in the winter.

She's working on supporting a non-profit that will help others and where she can give back and will announce that as soon as it's all finalized.

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