Online Affiliates

What is an Affiliate? An affiliate is a website that promotes our page by placing a link on their site, in return we promote their page by placing a link here.
How to become an Affiliate? Just contact the webmaster and I will provide you with a link button, and I will link back on this page.
http://Madeline Carroll
http://Alice Englert
http://Elsie Fisher
http://Faith Wladyka
http://Ariel Gade
http://Emily & Savannah Rae
http://Lara Robinson
http://Saoirse Ronan
http://Mackenzie Smith
http://Tyree Brown
http://Carter Chasson
http://Tiffanny Chasson
http://Evelina Voznesenskaya

Other Emma Fan Sites

Emma has some really fantastic fans! Here are links to some awesome fan sites Emma's Fans have made for her!
** NOTE: these are NOT Official websites, they are fansites only.